Tuesday, October 30, 2007

syrinx and I were tangled in water weeds

Tale of Pan and Syrinx:

Pan was hunting near Nonacris when he saw a a beautiful nymph, called, Syrinx. Syrinx had pledged vows of chastity and fled his unwanted advances. After reaching the Ladon River, Syrinx realized that she would not be able to cross the river without help. She prayed desperately to the water spirits for help in her escape. The nymphs heard her pleas, and in a flash, Syrinx's body was transformed and hidden among the plants growing by the flowing water. Pan arrived at the river's edge only to find marsh reeds murmuring in the wind. Knowing that these reeds had been the lovely Syrinx, grief-stricken Pan plucked a handful, cut them into various lengths and fastened them together with wax. Bringing the reed instrument to his lips, he played a plaintive song on his new pipe, which he named syrinx in honor of his escaped beloved.

Whom or what have you escaped? Name your river.

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