Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Why Princess Haiku Blogs

Quasi Fictional
asked me if I would participate in his forum "the fine art of blogging."

I was delighted and honored to have the opportunity to share my story, of how I came to be a blogger and what it means to me. I hope that you will visit Quasi Fictional and read my discussion and many other insightful interviews with bloggers representing a vast spectrum of the blogosphere.

What I especially like about Dio's blog is that it includes a discussion of blogging from the personal perspective. While there are many great blogs about "how to" or the nuts and bolts part, Dio is interested in the personal experience or what makes us tick as well.

After seeing my post this morning,I immediately thought about many of my favorite blogger friends and encourage you to also benefit from this forum. You can reach Dio via Quasi Fictional of course or also leave a message for him on MyBlogLog.

Many Thanks to Dio for giving me this opportunity.

BTW: I posted these giant sunflowers because they resemble "swords of truth" and I thought that was a good image for this post. I want to read about the truth of all of your blogs. Who is next?




-Suzie- said...

Dear Princess,
am I tagged? Did you mean me or Anna (which one)?

goatman said...

If you were on that roof you could see all of the little sunflower faces smiling at you!
There are blog "luminaries"?
Thanks for visiting; I will look into the blog on blogging.

Zazie said...

Good evening Princess!!!

And thanks for your comment!
How are you? I hope you're fine! In this period, I'm a bit busy...

I wish you a good summer, too!

Here, there's also a irish weather!!!
But I like it!!!:o)


Good photos!!!

Princess Haiku said...

a Luminary is anyone who shines and sunflowers come in all sizes.

kclare said...

Princess Haiku***

This is perhaps the most must-filled time in my life and that is partly why I won't be posting until after the 12th... but perhaps at a later time...

In the meantime, thank you for thinking of me...


kclare said...

P.S. Love your comment about the Luminary and swords of truth....

Princess Haiku said...

KClare- at first I thought you wrote fullfilled rather than just filled; hopefully it's both. :)

Bond said...

Grant Us Peace - "All You Need Is Love"
Sitting On The COUCH For Peace

Livia Salome Gnos said...

Princess Haiku
I love your spirit photos, and I liked your message on Quasi Fictional - thank you for your being so straight and open

Peter Haslam said...

I will look at a write up for dio an interesting tag

Mavin said...

Haiku thank you so much for introducing this blog I can't get enough of the information people have written in there. I meant to come back and give you a comment but I've been at Dio's blog reading for the past 2 hours. Anyhow, I love the sunflowers they are giants, they're very tall. Now I'm thinking of why I love to blog other than because I like to write about nature.

Later Haiku... :D

S. Camille Crawford said...

Thank you Princess haiku, for the informative essay on your journey to and through blogging. My blog theme is truly a reflection of 'these swords of truth' that are so elegantly displayed in your post since it is indeed the theme of my blog to reveal the truth both to myself and to those involved.
I want to commend you on the success of your goals. After reading your article on Quasi's blog, I see you are acheiving exactly what you set out to do, quite gracefully I might add.

-Suzie- said...

Dear Princess,
I will write about writing a blog later. I have no laptop in the next days. So give me some time.
Until soon,

Princess Haiku said...

Suzie, There is never a rush; everything in it own time.

Camille, I took the swords of truth flowers, photos. Feel free to cut and paste one for your blog if you like. A small gift for you...

S. Camille Crawford said...

Thank you Princess, I would like that!

Annelisa said...

That's strange... I thought I'd left a comment here the other day... either I'm going mad, or blogger ate it (I'll side with the latter, since I distinctly remember writing it! :-) )

As you yourself noticed, I did a similar post, so I hope you forgive me if I don't do this one?

I enjoyed reading, anyhow :-)

Princess Haiku said...

Hi, Annelisa,
Will read your post and my mention of people in relation to various things is just a suggestion. You know, I think that some posts do vanish. I click "publish" on them and then never see them again. It could be a blogger glitch.

Princess Haiku said...

Bond- thanks for visiting. I visited your blog and didn't see a post place, or I would have said hi.

Spacerguy said...

I blog because I enjoy writing about star trek/sci fi. Its a deep passion of mine which has allowed me on the odd occasion to uncover unusual discoveries along the way. Its trully exhilerating creating something special and gratifying to see other sciencefictionists enjoying it.