Sunday, May 20, 2007

Train_Man a film by Shosuke Murakami

Train_Man; a film released in 2005 is a next generation, coming of age tale. The story centers around a geek, his laptop, a beauty and one thousand internet "friends" on a real time website called (2ch) offering dating advice. Train_Man was called, "candy-colored and wide-eyed..unusually perceptive.." by the New York Times. It is one of those delightful independent films that should come to a neighborhood near you, but doesn't in lieu of yet one more Hollywood in a violent box thrillers.

This movie will appeal to anyone who has experienced the thrill and rush of first love- and hides a pure, innocent geek or geekess within.

a Shosuke Murakami Film


Indeterminacy said...

Fortunately we have more of a chance of seeing films like this in Europe. Maybe if we ignore Hollywood it will go away.
(p.s. I just posted my story - thanks for the comment).

Princess Haiku said...

Hi, Indy- Nice to hear from you. Will stop back tomorrow and read it.