Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tagged Again; this time by Christy's Coffee House

Christy's Coffee House Tagged me with this meme, "The Five Reasons That I Blog." This is my response and below I'm tagging some blogs that I enjoy visiting. If you want to Meme with Moi, link with your response and tag on... If I didn't list you this time, I have other plans for you so be prepared. I enjoy all of the places I visit.

The Five Reasons that Princess Haiku Blogs:

1) As a ghost it is more convenient than having to rattle around in closets and allergies. I have allergies and a blog allows one to be loved for who one is rather than ones shadow.

2) It provides me with a beautiful, and otherworldly retreat from the everyday world.

3) Friends!!!!!!!! I have been able to make friends with interesting people all over the world and learn new things.

4) It allows me to keep my writing skills honed for my offline writing projects.

5) I believe that Blogging contributes to World Peace by making us CitiZens of the Globe. One person at a time we are learning that we represent our humanity and not our political, economic base. Together, we can create a better world.

These are the blogs that I am tagging and in no particular order. If you want to participate; post a blog with your five favorite reasons for blogging and link back here.

1: Happy Haiku (this space is a rich resource for information about various aspects of Japanese culture; haiku, statuary, folk-lore, travel etc.

2: Flowerville ( this space is a haven for literature lovers)

3: House of the Rising sun (this is a very beautiful and artistic blog)

4: Digital Flower Pictures(the zone for flower lovers)

5: Julian Pegler (space for high creatives)

6. Zofo the Hermit (an excellent and unique literary blog)


Occy said...

In answer to a question you once asked on my blog, this is a wellknown and international awardwinning Flemish female poet: Myriam Van Hee - you can read a translated poem by her on the following site: http://www.poetrybookshoponline.com/book-template.asp?isbn=1904886450

ugyen said...

HI Princess Haiku,
Thanks for dropping by and leaving comments, i feel nice to hear such kind words, indeed am trying my best to help the blogger around the Blogosphere.. glad that you found me out too.. hehe
have a wonderful day

vanishingword said...

I really like those stamps!

Christy said...

Those are great reasons for blogging! And you're right, it does bring people from around the world closer together. :)

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks, for the link Occy.