Wednesday, May 16, 2007

speaking to Vervain Blue


Lift up your boughs of Vervain blue,
Dip't in cold September dew;
And dash the moisture, chaste and clear
O'er the ground and through the air.


via Curtis Botanical Magazine

and Herbs N Oils A Similar and wonderful space is Herbal Connection.


Viscount X said...

Dear Princess,

Your royal blog has inspired me to create one as well.


Bob Dylan said...

Isn't Vervain good for attracting Hummingbirds?
well the reddish ones esp?

Zazie said...

Hi Princess,

oh I really don't know what we do without YouTube! I think it's incredible! You can find anything! Songs, film's frames, poets who declaime their poetries...

Well... I love Mr Tambourine Man, too!

Fernanda Pivano said that Dylan was the voice that America waited for a long time!
Yeah, he's a great poet!
He's got a style and he's a sensational poet!

How are you?

I hope you're good!
Have a nice evening!


d. chedwick bryant said...

I planted some vervain and it didn't stick around--I am guessing it needs a moister spot, do not plant on a little hill... I will try again in a little valley-depression.

Princess Haiku said...

I have a little pot of vervain started in my container garden. I love the smell of it.


while reading here the news came through the radio...Wolfowitz resigned! that completes my good feeling while reading your haiku site. Tottemo Kirei! Beautiful!