Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Princess Haiku Talks to Livia at Zeit-Raum

While I was thanking people for their acknowledgment of my work, I remembered a post I read at Zeit-Raum a few days ago. I want
to thank Livia Solome Gnos for her original thinking. The text below is but a poor translation of her discussion made with the help of Google translation. I find her concept of a "collective memory blog" to be very interesting. What is most striking in her thinking is the idea that bloggers are charting or redefining what "history," "virtual historicism as I understand it" or "collective memory" will mean in the future. If anyone has anything to add to this discussion their thoughts would be appreciated.

Princess Haiku
At present in different blogs around, I visit her regularly and read daily some articles or look myself according to beautiful pictures. To me it is noticeable that there is a category of Blogs, which can be compared to an aesthetic diary or record of poetic thoughts drawn from pictures or thoughts collected on the Web. I would like to call this kind of blog a contribution to the collective memory - It is interesting along with the fact that I visit other blogs, that contains comments, or messages, referred from these particular blogs in such a way that they complement or reflect each other. Within certain topics or forms they create together a conscience or picture of the world.

Princess Haiku
Moon River

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Princess Haiku A dit…

I translated your comment and understood that you see certain aesthetic journals or blogs such as mine as serving “collective MEMORY.” This is a very interesting idea; the idea of a large, virtual social reality. -That blogs can create a personal narrative of time or history and reflect that in their reflection of each other.
I like that you have a picture OF one OF those rare flowers growing. To me these flowers represent an “aria” or breath. -that is from a mystical perspective.


Random Magus said...

I think when we create our blogs we create a sort of alternate reality for ourself where we have the control and we can filter out the noise. It's a wonderful communal feeling - like you've met similar souls. It's a weird connection that sometimes feels more real then people who you can see and touch but whose minds are closed to you. Here we don't have the physical distracting us and we get glimpses of people's most vulnerable and true self. I think that's just beautifully moving.

Livia Salome Gnos said...

Dear Princess
Thank you for following this thought and for giving it a space in your blog - or even a "scenery" where it can be developped further.
I think, fiction can not only "enlarge" our reality but even the consciousness of reality, and so might be blogging (and flickering, tagging...) an instrument to enlarge our (collective) consciousness for fiction, reality, time and history. Let me know if you find other interesting ideas about this...

Princess Haiku said...

Random Magnus,
I agree with you that people can talk with each other on the internet in a special way.

lotusgreen said...

i've thought about this same thing, i think, but from a different perspective. for the first time we can "sacve" everything. i mean that both as "save" as in save the rainforests, and save as in s&h greenstamps or money, to save as in that 12 foot tower of old magazines you do plan to read some day==really you do.

we can even sav what is long gone, as the museums and libraries and family scrapbooks of the world get digitized.

there feels something important about doing this, but i'm not sure why.

Jackie said...

One day I hope to be able to write like you and many of the other wonderful bloggers I read. I tend to stick to facts rather than feelings on my blogs as I am unable to transfer my feeling to writing just like I tend to keep quiet about my personal feelings and insights in my off line life.