Friday, May 11, 2007

Paris Hilton becomes buddhist nun....

Just, kidding, says Princess Haiku.
I think justice for both Paris Hilton and the community would be better served by a sentence of volunteer hours instead of jail. Her celebrity status requires that she be isolated for her own protection and forty-five days seems unfair. Perhaps a few.. Just imagine Paris Hilton working in a homeless shelter with teens, or with children in a hospital with AIDS. Perhaps her heart would be touched and she is a person who could do a lot of good on this earth. She is not the only young person on earth with bad judgement and poor impulse control. I read this snippet about celebrities in China becoming Buddhist nuns and it gave me cause for thought.

"On March 15, 2007, Chinese actress Chen Xiaoxu, well known for her portrayal of the melancholy beauty Lin Daiyu in a 1980s TV version of the classic novel "Dream of Red Mansions," has abandoned everything she owned, cut her hair and become a Buddhist nun. She once made thousands cry for the character she portrayed in the TV drama. This time, thousands cried for the actress herself after learning of her decision. In recent years, a number of celebrities have left their homes and families to become monks or nuns, distressing the public and exiting the media."


Kilroy_60 said...

I must say, it's difficult to visit you Princess and not write comments on one post after another. I like your style.

You'll find two sets of questions and two memes in my new "getting to know you"... post. Would you come along and pick one out to answer?

Perhaps we can arrange a link exchange or two. Will look forward to hearing from you.


vanishingword said...

I don't think Paris Hilton would change her drunk driving habits for anyone, including high risk teens. Just my opinion; I think she needs more consequence in her life.