Friday, May 11, 2007

Introducing Hortense who is nowhere to be found yet

I have a new palm tree growing in a pot indoors that I have named, Hortense. She can grow to be fifteen feet tall and is already taller than me. She grew five inches since I first adopted her. Will post a photo of her tomorrow and intend to document her growth to my ceiling and its impact on my poetic voice.


Marguerite said...

Coucou ! Princess Haiku...
What a pretty name. I do like haiku and would like having more time to ever write one of these short poemsunder my flowers pictures.
Thank you for visiting my two blogs and putting so kind comments
I read that you like Marguerite Duras. She had the same christian name than me. Actually, Marguerite is my second name and the one of my grand mother
I like Marguerite Duras, Amélie Nothomb and Anaïs NIn too.

"Hortense" comes from a flower "hortensia" in French. It is a French christian name. I don't know if it is American too.
I hope your palm tree will grow as well and high as possible
In California the weather is sweet that is not the case where I'm living, near Paris.

vanishingword said...

Hortense, Hortense, let down your golden hair....

vanishingword said...

Dear princess, would you considering copying the link I have to the 100 wishes quilt? You have far more hits than I do.

Zazie said...

Hi Princess,

how are you? I hope you're good!

I also have got a palm tree in my garden. It's little and, during spring, its flowers are yellow.
But, perhaps, I think that californian palm are more beautiful! Different, too.
There are many different sort of palms...

Have a good night!
I'm tired but, before falling asleep, I'd still like to read some pages of "The Dubliners"...

Best wishes,