Thursday, May 03, 2007

good Source of Information on Pet Food Recalls


vanishingword said...

That looks like my old cat Sammy!

d. chedwick bryant said...

I have discovered Newman's Own, which is made in oregon, and has everything your cat needs, and leaves out all the fillers and bad stuff.

Cost-wise it is the same as I was spending before, as I don't throw any uneaten food away. It all gets eaten! This is a first. Homemade food + vitamins supplements costs a bit more than Newman's. My cat thinks the chewable vitamin is a cat treat so he eats it right up.

A tip: to transition your cat from one type of food to another, use very small portions, and follow the cat's timetable. to entice them to eat a bit of a new food, stir a little chicken babyfood in with it. after a few days they won't miss the babyfood and will eat the new food.

If a cat is picky, let it skip a few meals, it is purrfectly OK. I feed small portions and never leave any food out.

hope these tips help someone!

Princess Haiku said...

Thank you for this information, Ched and I am sure it will be of help to people searching for safe pet food.