Monday, May 07, 2007

ghost love

You lose your beloved; discover they never existed except as a ghost of who you are. The dream stirs far memory; rose perfume in rain. Together, you walk across a street unnamed as is this night. Was this a fugue moon?

by Princess Haiku

(German - Fuge; Italian - fuga).
A composition, or compositional technique, in which a theme (or themes) is extended and developed mainly by imitative counterpoint.

In the opening section, the 'exposition', the main theme or 'subject' is announced in the tonic. after which the second 'voice' enters with the answer, i.e. the same theme at the dominant (or subdominant) pitch while the first may proceed to a countersubject. This procedure is repeated at different octaves until all the voices have entered and the exposition is complete. An extra statement of the subject or answer following on the exposition is called a 'redundant entry'; a set of such entries is a 'counter-exposition'.


S. Camille Crawford said...

Hi Princess Haiku,
I can't remember if answering a tag in a meme is something you are generally inclined to do, but I've tagged you with "What is your favorite post of 2007?" if you have the time or inclination to participate. I really would be interested in knowing what you would find a wonderfully exquisite favourite!
You can read about the tag here Favourite Post 2007

Marion said...

This is a beautiful photo...the purity and otherworldliness shines through...

Your words stirred memories within me , moving them closer to the top!

Princess Haiku said...

Thank you Marion. You leave kindness behind like a flower, when you visit people's spaces.

d. chedwick bryant said...

You have been in my thoughts nonstop these past few days as I planted flat after flat of annuals, and tried to make some sense of my messy garden-- I think I need a truckload of mulch--trying to catch up online today, and read the posts here that I missed.

goatman said...

Frankly, I have never been able to smell roses in the rain! But afterward, in the mist of moisture, ohmygod . . . I have found a knockyouover scent. Pure and carried by the drops of almost-air.

But thats just me.
Thanks for visiting

vanishingword said...

Lovely photo of roses, you have such an eye for beauty!