Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chedwick the Cat delights Princess Haiku with his tribute

Imagine my delight when I found this wonderful tribute to my blog, on Tangled Up in L'Heure Bleue, exclaimed Princess Haiku. Follow the link to read this and other quirky, creative and introspective ramblings of this peripatetic cat.

"...The Shadow Ghost of Blue Cat wanted me to post a tribute to a beautiful thinking blog. Here he bows to the Princess, he says, 'as the grass bows down before the wind.'

Princess Haiku's blog is filled with visionaries and poets. There are tea ceremonies, labyrinths, roses wet with dew, shadow ghosts, music, the scents of a garden, and splendor. It is an actual place you can visit, filled with people singing and performing lovely music. There are also book and movie reviews. Although she seems ethereal, Princess is a strong down to earth person."

"My dreams are made of iron and steel
With a big bouquet
Of roses hanging down
From the heavens to the ground."
--Bob Dylan

Posted by d. chedwick bryant



S. Camille Crawford said...

A poetic tribute that fits you very well!

Jackie said...

I saw the tribute today and what a nice one it was as well.