Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Amazing Children of PS 22 Chorus of Staten Island

"The PS 22 Chorus of Staten Island NY, and their charismatic teacher Mr. B is comprised of 70 public school 5th graders.

They've performed for notables such as Tori Amos, Marcia Gay Harden, Sen. Charles Schumer, George Huff, CNN's Paula Zahn and others. This blog is about these extraordinary children...."

We are always hearing about what's wrong about American kids but these kids show us what's right. The fund raiser Idol did this season, was wonderful and wouldn't it be great if Idol raised money for music for American kids. As we all know, funds for music in public schools has been eradicated to the point of extinction.

While the children of PS 22 Chorus are gifted vocally others require instruments and they need your help. This link will take you to the Mr Holland's Opus Foundation, that provides instruments to kids who need them. If you want details on what they do watch this special video.


Anonymous said...

Dear Princess Haiku,
As a royal member of the intellectual elite, I applaud your efforts at bringing beauty into the dull, phrenetic blogosphere. I stop to touch the beauty of your blog each day and I have for some time.

Shall we consider us part of a secret society? I must start a blog of beauty to support your efforts.

I am currently sitting at a clutttered desk looking out at my lovely patio through Venetian blinds. The Florida clouds are growing larger in the heat of the day and I expect that we will have rain. It is such a joy to be in Florida in the summer. Each morning is bright and blue. The end of the day is lit up with lightening and the sounds of thunder. The sound of dripping water lasts all night.

Viscount X

Princess Haiku said...

Dear Viscount,
Thanks for your comments and glad that you like my world of beauty and the fine arts. I would like to visit Florida again some day. Do you have any pics?

Hélène Deroubaix said...

I have seen them singing with or for Tori amos and I was so touched, they are really amazing!
it's great to see kids so passionate and involved in something positive:)


Princess Haiku said...

Hi, Helene= agree with you about the kids. It's uplifting to read some good news that's happening.

d. chedwick bryant said...

Thanks for this video!

Anna said...

Yes, good news is sorely needed and how terrific that it is good news about the younger generation. Hope for the future AND THE ARTS! How sad that the arts are always the first casualties of budget woes.

Hopeful now for the future!