Thursday, April 19, 2007

Update on Green Music Center

See the Site:

The creation of the Green Music Center at Sonoma State University is an amazing work in progress. See the photos and video (at right) of recent construction as well as a computer-generated "movie" of a walk-through of the concert hall.

I can hardly wait for the Green Music center to be completed, said Princess Haiku and for inaugural year to begin. Perhaps la Belle Helene Grimaud will perform a piano recital for opening night. Hope she keeps her calender open.


Anonymous said...

I had a chance to visit this beautiful campus last May where my step daughter was enrolled.

I was pleasantly surprised - the beauty of it - the Library and Student Centers - magnificent

and of course the loveliness of the Sonoma Valley itself.....

you ARE blessed to be within a 'stone's throw' to such a place...

Please do tell us of it's opening night....I will await eagerly your post!


Princess Haiku said...

I will be sure to tell you of the opening night of Green Music Center, but it will be a while as it will take at least a year to finish the buildings. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Princess,

Well, I don't have any current plans on leaving anytime I'll be around in a year to read that post.....and have fun anticipating it! :)


hipposkin said...