Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Update Link for Recalled Pet Foods

Updated information on pet food recalls are available online.

Link to the Food and Drug Administration for breaking information on pet food recalls.

This link gives more information on cat food recalls.

This community service posting is dedicated to the memory of an animal companion of mine. She died several years ago after eating contaminated food.


d. chedwick bryant said...

Hi, hope you are feeling better. I have been serving homemade pet food (Thanks to my husband doing the research and making batches of nutritous foods)
and it seems to have changed my cat's life--I think he was eating a lot of chemicals and additives and artificial flavorings even though it was supposedly quality high end food. Homemade food costs the same, but he eats every bit of it and is getting all the nutrition--

Princess Haiku said...

I knew that dogs could eat people food but didn't know about cats. You have lucky felines and before long a lot more people will be doing this. what are you feeding them?

Jackie said...

Sorry to hear about Isabella Moon.

Most commercial cat food is not at all healthy and seeing most of it is tested on animals (IAMS the most evil) I have always avoided it.

Even though I am Vegan I always gave my cats raw organic meat and they lived into their early 20's and never ever needed to go to a vet except to have their teeth cleaned.

lotusgreen said...

ooooo am i pissed off. i kept checking that damned nutro site, and now they tell me i've been feeding her the bad stuff

she still seems pretty okay....

Princess Haiku said...

Oh no- lotus- I am so sorry. I hope your kitty will be okay.