Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Secret Quatrains of Princess Haiku

Princess Haiku was talking about her secret quatrains to her best friend Avant-garde or Avy for short.

Well, what are the secret quatrains asked, Avy, do tell.
It doesn't matter what they are, it's all in the interpretation, replied Princess Haiku.
How can I interpret what I don't know, replied, Avy.
Well said Princess Haiku, it's done everyday, isn't it?


Deep Dark Indelible Green said...

I like to interpret green. Green softly brushing its fronds, green lappins at the sand, green emeralds glimmering and glinting.
Enjoyed the birth chart link. Entered my child's info and was astounded.

Princess Haiku said...

All paths lead to the "Emerald City" if I recall.

sydneyland said...

I am always fascinated when I come across books of personal revelation/obsession. It lets one know you're not alone. There are others being driven nutz by the universe.

"The Secret Teachings of all Ages",..perfect! Such a thing 'could' have everything it sez.

The fun will be in reading it,and those books like it. With all their inevitable, zany visions, half realities'n contradictions so you can find out just how krazy G-d really is.

Thank gawd for the written word!

david santos said...

what a very nice picture you hane! thank you

vanishingword said...

Where is the ghost of p.h today?

S. Camille Crawford said...

"'secret quatrains...'
sort of reminds me of your blog..." Camille said with a smile.

I found a Haiku for you,

The laughter
of workers-
a single colour

Princess Haiku said...

Very nice, Camille. :)