Sunday, April 22, 2007

Princess Haiku is Shocked That Cecilia is really Cecil

Well, imagine my shock, said Princess Haiku when I discovered that my Cecilia Brunner roses were really Cecil roses. However a Cecil(ia) by any name is as lovely as a rose. This is going to be a brief entry as I have been busy printing copies of lost documents. Imagine my joy when I found an old computer with three years worth of writing on it, in the back of a closet. I forgot I even had it. I am so happy I am a rose in bloom.



Anonymous said...

May this brings you more happinesses to come

mystic rose said...

beautiful roses .. so perfect! i can stare at this pic endlessly , the gradation of color.. and the shapes of those petals.. mmmm.. :))

and congratualtions on finding that old computer.. i can just feel how elating that must be!!

Princess Haiku said...

Mystic Rose,
Yes, I am elated over the Lazurus files as I am calling them. Is that Mother Divine on your space?

S. Camille Crawford said...

Wow, Cecilia or Cecil, these are fantastic roses! I am so envious of your garden! I am actually quite a horticulture and nature fanatic but for the last 3 years (due to circumstances that I must adhere) I've been living in a second floor apartment with no outdoor space! So instead in the spring I've been working as a gardener for hire in my neighbourhood (via putting up posters on telephone poles, lol) to get my fix! And this year, in addition to working in other people's gardens, I'm putting together a small roof garden outside my 2'x3' bathroom window, lol! So far I've got some herbs and some gladiolas, a deep maroon red! Please keep me posted on your garden! Picture posted that is, so I can thoroughly enjoy your San Francisco garden from here!
Thank you!

vanishingword said...

Explain how you know the rose is male. Did this happen overnight? I mean, Cecil? Did it tell you its name? Really!

Princess Haiku said...

Unbelievable. I went out to my large redwood rose pot and asked the Cecil Brunner roses what their names were, and each rose had a different one. Apparently, they have no interest in their label.