Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Princess Haiku Dreamed of a Sorceress Who Was a Shape Shifting White Tiger

"Come, Princess Haiku," White Tiger purred to her.
We will travel into the solitary mountains and drink from a clear pool of the moon. In the dark jade of my eyes will be the future.

Will my fingernail polish match the jade, Princess Haiku asked?
No one answered for White Tiger had vanished...

white tiger,
a dream of jade and fortune
autumn wind


vanishingword said...

I always wondered what color Princess wore on her nails.

Princess Haiku said...
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Gabi Greve said...

white tiger just made himself invisible ... he is always close by, if your nailpolish has the right color ...

white tiger
joins his friend
water dragon

they laugh and laugh and laugh
and then laugh again ...


Princess Haiku said...

:) Very nice, Gabi

Anonymous said...

The more I read your postings, the more I loose myself into a fairy tale world of dreams.. stunning work Princess.
(By the way, I was attracted to this particular title, because friends have likened me to a white tiger:)