Saturday, April 28, 2007

Looking for a Good Book-Prix Goncourt 2006


Prix Goncourt 2006

This year, Jonathan Littell gained celebrates his price for “the Benevolent Ones”. The price was decreed last on November 6.
These are the other 14 novels nominated by the jury.

The brother of Rousseau
Only sons

A bridge of birds
Antoine Audouard

The lover in short trousers
Alain Fleischer

Fault lines
Nancy Huston

Magic childhood

The wood of in love one
Gilles Lapouge

The désamour

Neither you nor me
Camille Laurens

Contours of the day which comes
Léonora Miano

Newspaper of Swallow
Amélie Nothomb

To disappear
Olivier and Patrick Pepper of Arvor

Marilyn last meetings
Michel Schneider


lotusgreen said...

i'm crazy about that fabric

Princess Haiku said...

I didn't notice it until you mentioned it; but yes- it's special.