Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chrysanthemum Paper

Gorgeous Japanese chrysanthemum paper.


Zazie said...

Good Asian paper!

Well... Princess,

your stop are always a pleasure! I'm fine... Thanks! I hope you, too!

About Camilla... Oh, it's true!;o) She's a very sweet dog! She's thirteen... She's with me from when I was nine or ten years old! When I stay at home, she follows me anywhere... I love her!:o)

Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Chrysanthemums are changelings.

Spidery or buttoned up; ox-eyed or painted.

Temperamental they can be.

But like precocious children,

amaze us with audacity.

a small poem for you, Princess Haiku.


Jackie said...

Thanks for the visits. I have been very busy but promise to pop back and catch up on your postings.

What beautiful paper.

Nice poem rdg.

Princess Haiku said...

lovely poem rdg