Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Something Wild," by Helene Grimaud

Piano virtuoso, Helene Grimaud is as dynamic and unique off stage as she is on. In her dual role as musical performer and protector of wild wolves she stands alone. Rather than assuming the role of "diva" she has risen to the "call of the wild." Grimaud is as committed to the cause of saving wolves in their natural habitat as she is to performance art; a rare contrast of interests.

I had the opportunity of hearing Grimaud play Chopin at a rehearsal performance with the San Francisco Symphony a few years ago. Rehearsal performances are special in that they allow the audience personal glimpses of an artist's personality that are otherwise hidden during the formality of concert performance.

The lovely, Helene arrived slightly late for rehearsal and was dressed in blue jeans and leather. She strode onto the stage with elegance and ease, casually tossing her jacket under the piano. When she began to play her gorgeous playing and singular capacity for musical absorption drew a collective breath from the audience.

Grimaud recorded her first CD at the age of fifteen and won the French equivalent of a Grammy the next year. Every since her concerts have continued to amaze and delight an international audience. "In 1991, Grimaud encountered a wolf-dog hybrid in Florida and felt an immediate, instinctual connection to the animal--one that the wolf also seemed to share. Determined to do what she could to protect this threatened species, she committed her time and resources to becoming certified to found her own wolf preserve on the grounds of her home in New York State."

I haven't read Grimaud's new book, "Something Wild" yet but I intend to as soon as I can purchase a copy and expect to find her life story as fascinating as her music.

As an aside, I would like to mention that my favorite Helene Grimaud CD is,"credo." On this amazing CD is music Grimaud recorded with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchesta & Choir. "Credo" for piano, mixed choir and orchestra was created by modern composer Arvo Part.

Hélène Grimaud - Credo

The links will take you to samples of the music on the CD.


Suki x said...

I will try again this is beautiful music

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Suki x said...

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Princess Haiku said...

I enjoy this music too; glad you stopped to visit.

lotusgreen said...

she does sound fascinating! did you read bel canto? thank you for the chopin on your profile. i haven't listened to his music for so long....

Princess Haiku said...

Lotus green,
Thanks for the book suggestion as I always appreciate them. Glad that you enjoyed the Chopin.