Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Sea Change of Helene Grimaud

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Helene Grimaud, has always been recognized as a gifted pianist and recently gone through a sea change, transforming into a virtuoso of legendary ability. The phrase "sea change" derives from a quotation in Shakespeare's play, "The Tempest," suggesting a profound transformation caused by a remarkable agency or energy.

I had the pleasure of hearing Helene Grimaud's new CD "Reflection" a musical dialog between Robert & Clara Schumann, and Johannes Brahms. Grimaud plays with a lightness and subtlety belonging to sea-foam with the force and passion of the ocean beneath. Her interpretation incarnates the spirit of these composers. As I listened to Robert Schumann's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in A minor, waves parted with color as they did for Marc Chagall. I listened with a poetic mind, as consciousness spilled forth from a keyboard; auditory moonlight reflecting upon minnows darting in and out of the sky's eye.

So intimately, does Grimaud understand Brahms in his Sonata for Piano and Violoncello no. 1 in E minor, that she evokes him as one would a beloved; effortlessly and without self-consciousness. In the music of- Brahms Two Rhapsodies for Piano, Helene Grimaud removes herself so completely as pianist, as an intermediary, that she becomes the music.

"Reflections" is for everyone; the consummate music professional seeking extreme virtuosity, a poet such as myself seeking music to awaken the spirit or anyone who enjoys beautiful music. I suggest that you add this CD to your collection for Helene Grimaud will soon be recognized as a legendary artist.

Belows are some video clips from youTube of Helene Grimaud.

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She Who Flies said...

I have heard excerpts of her music but don't yet own a CD of hers. Will see to that very soon! When she appeared at a French talk/entertainment show last year, I was blown away by the beauty and purity of her soul and her shining intelligence. A great mind! It was quite funny because one could clearly see that the show hosts had no idea where she was coming from at times :-)I'm also looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of her book "Leçons particulières".

Suki x said...

Hello Elise

This is a very talented lady I shall watch out for her and her music, thank you for your visit to me I am glad you liked the flowers.

I also loved the quilt on the blog before this one, did you make this yourself?

Om shanti

Suki x

Princess Haiku said...

I understand what you mean about Helene Grimaud, living in her own world. Most interviewer's have "twenty questions" and I can't imagine they asked her the right ones. :) I recently read her autobiography, "Wild Variations." Grimaud's integration of motifs of classical mythology into her interpretation of her life, gives her a unique perspective. She is an eclectic genius; virtuosos, wild-life devotee and emerging as a writer as well. Do you know if this other book you speak of is translated into English? I look forward to visiting your space.

Princess Haiku said...

Hi Suki,
Thanks for stopping by and I am glad that you liked the quilt. If you click on the title that is in bold print, there is a link to the quilt artist.

Stephen said...

Dear Elise, Thank you for visiting the Painting Studio. It is always a pleasure to read your words there. I am in the conceptual stages of a new series of paintings and am getting the "wet" studio in order. Creating the concept and theme of works that have never been is as essential as the act of painting. There I go again, rambling on. Smile. I don't know where I found webcam709 but it is a great link. I have found some others that I will send along soon. My weekend has just begun and have so much to do. As ever be well, my Dear Friend. With love. Stephen

lotusgreen said...

your title and interesting explanation beg the question: what was her agent of change?

Princess Haiku said...

Bravo! What an insightful comment. I am going to reread the book and will get back to you on that :) Since we are discussing this, we should ask what are/have been our own personal agents of change.

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

I don't know if you understand French but there is a fabulous interview done with Hélène Grimaud that shows her with the wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center of which she is a co-founder
The link to the Wolf Center is
and to the interview (in three parts)