Sunday, March 25, 2007

Princess Haiku Discovers Yale Video Lecture Project

Princess Haiku is looking for Blog friends to attend Yale University with her via the Video Lecture Project. For further details on course content and enrollment click the link.

Yale has announced that the Video Lecture Project will be operational Fall 2007 and offering the following courses online for FREE: political science, psychology, old testament, astrophysics, physics and last but not least MODERN POETRY. Eventually they will be offering hundreds of courses.

I will be taking the Modern Poetry course with Professor Langdon Hammer and if you want to attend with me via video let me know. It will be fun to blog about everything we learn. This is a wonderful opportunity and I hope to share the experience with friends from all over the world. Did you think that you would never have the opportunity to go to college? Well, here it is..... Princess Haiku says that one's education has only ever just begun.

Further and ongoing information about this project will be made available at the Yale University main website: In the search box just type "Video Lecture Project."

You can also visit the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Open Educational Resources Projects OER for more information about this developing project.

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S. Camille Crawford said...

You see... that's what I like about you; you can go from Helene Grimbaud to Jim Morrison to Yale all in less than a week. The breadth of your taste in sublime subjects touches something in me that I recognize.
As for your open request to study online poetry at Yale next September, it is something I would dearly like to do. However, there is a but; I am paranoid of making commitments, as I've stated a few times in my blogs. I'm trying to get over this to my betterment, to dig out the reasons for this inability to commit and hopefully once and for all find some freedom in choosing my future without fear. [sigh]... I will try to ponder this opportunity to join with you in a delightful sounding study of poetry and see if I can come up with some answers for myself and my desires. I'm glad you put it out there.
Thank you.
BTW, thank you also for all your wonderful comments on my blog. I finally got through answering all of them.