Friday, March 30, 2007

Jody Sperling: Dream and Dance as Elemental Spirits

Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance

"A suite inspired by the mesmerizing spectacles of Loie Fuller (1862-1928). Sperling furls her enormous winged costume–designed by Michelle Ferranti from more than 80 yards of white silk—into eddying spiral shapes. The moving fabric catches luminescent rays, orchestrated by Bessie Award-winning lighting designer David Ferri, that evoke the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. The hypnotic visuals are set to piano music by Ravel, Chopin, De Falla, and others performed by Jeffrey Middleton."

The dancing of Jody Sperling cascades out of the unconscious; billows into clouds becoming swans, tears, wings and an archetypal pathos I know as intimately as my own breath. When dancing is this perfect its various elements, music, text, visuals and movement become an incarnation of the spirit.

I found this information via a lovely space that I encourage everyone to visit, Japonisme.


d. chedwick bryant said...

beautiful post

Off topic: I just listened to Joni Mitchell for awhile...Amelia esp. since she is in the news today--
your recent mentions of Joni made me go and get all my Joni CDs to play has been awhile.

sydneyland said...

Princess, hi!...ya know I was going back, and forth from blog to blog. I must have looked at the picture on this post a bunch'a times before I realized it was a person, and not a flower.

This speaks well for the composition of the photo, and is troubling reguards my eyesight!. Not reading the copy didn't help either.

Interesting how we take in information. Which bits do we absorb first. Words or images, and what parts of which.

Princess Haiku said...

The dancer does look like a flower or a whirling dervish! It is interesting though, what we see first in orienting to something. I usually see words.

Princess Haiku said...

Ched, isn't uTube wonderful? I looked for folk poets and found wonderful people; Tim Buckley, Joni, Leonard Cohen. If anyone is reading this and has a favorite musician leave me a uTube link. I am listening to people far out of my everyday palette. Will have to check the Amelia think out.

lotusgreen said...

glad you liked this so much!