Friday, March 30, 2007

Helene Grimaud Plays Iceland

Here is a lovely photo of Helene Grimaud in blue, playing with the Iceland Symphony. I have never been to Iceland but appreciate its good taste in music in-so-far as they have invited Grimaud to perform with them. Iceland is known for its famous wildlife preserves and perhaps one of Helene's favorite wolves came along for the trip.

I found an interesting article about Helene Grimaud in Newsweek: Oct 13, 2006 "Playing With Wolves" that includes an interview about her relationship with music and wolves. To her the two are not so different in the demands they make of her attention. I would call this "Wild Wolves, Wild Animus." Fascinating isn't she?


sydneyland said...

So much Beauty in the world,..wolves, music, and ladies.

That truly is a lovely picture of Helene you chose. The wolf is cute too. It's the snow that makes the picture.

Princess Haiku said...

Once, when I was out labyrinth walking with a friend in the Sibley National Reserve, I encountered a half-wolf, dog with a strange man and it gave me great pause. The wog was enormous and very powerful. This ability that Helene Grimaud has to communicate with wolves is quite extraordinary.