Friday, March 23, 2007

France to Unveil Secret UFO Data

France has just announced that it is going to release a 50 year archive of UFO data. Now, that is interesting and I found a link to more information about this for UFO buffs.

I am one of the few people that has no claim to seeing an unidentified flying object, unless you count being clunked in the head by unseen things; I use to read my way home from the library. (inadvisable)

Friends in upstate, New York report having seen a crop circle near Ithaca College and a place in the Mohawk Valley is referred to As "Star Hill" because of the multitude of sightings reported there.

The universe is a big place and who knows? I have heard some interesting stories from people who are "good witnesses." -The sort that wear suits to work and pay the IRS on time.

BTW has anyone heard of a blogger that claims to have seen a UFO streak across their screen while they were tapping a post on their keyboard? Why not in cyberspace? Seems like a perfect venue for a UFO to me.


sydneyland said...

I just wish the saucer guys would land in the middle of Disney World, and have done with it. Can't wait for the t-shirts, and reality show spin offs.

Um should I mention that I've seen some of these things, and was probably abducted when I was little,..with my aunt. Then later with my mom.

That, and I co-produced a ufo radio show back in the 90's.

However these daze I'm a bit more cynical. I need something that can be put into an evidence bag, and taken to court. So far no dice.

If our space pals are currently living on the web fine. They know where I live, and I'd like to interview them.

'First thing I'd want to know is why they're bleeping with us. The next question would be "is there affordable housing in space?"

Princess Haiku said...

If humans colonize space the first thing they will do is raise the rent. "I can't believe it; I had a rent controlled asteroid and now..........!!!!!!!!!1.