Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dance, Dance, Revolution Comes to California Schools

Dance, Dance, Revolution or DDR has arrived and California School children are more addicted to this physical work out "video" game than they are to soda pop and chips. The idea is simple, follow a computer video screen and move your feet to where the light moves (and fast)! The work-out is comparable to jogging but way more fun. DDR was designed in Japan and is a cost effective strategy for budget strapped public schools. Follow the link for a more detailed description. And check out DDR Freak for still more info. Why didn't I know about this asked Princess Haiku, ghosts love to dance?


KWiz said...

Hi Princess Haiku,
This is interesting. I was introduced to this form of "dance" a few years ago at the school at which I teach. Some students "performed" it at a talent show, and I found it fascinating. This past week, I saw it up close and personal in someone's classroom, and saw that it wasn't as complicated as it first looked. But it certainly looks like a lot of fun!

You've got a great site here Princess. I'll be back! And thank you for visiting mine and your kind words.

Princess Haiku said...

It must have been fun to watch the kids performing and being happy.