Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Dreams

Am I am falling asleep as I watch this exquisite video of Cloud Gate Dance Theater or awake?


Zazie said...

Really Princess Haiku?
Do you really like my blog?

Thanks a lot!!! You're very very kind!!!

Now, I'll wander about your world!:o)

Zazie said...

This video is great!
I like very much the classic dance, too!


For many things, YouTube drives me crazy!!!



Nidhi said...

u knw what ur space generates such a beautiful feeling of peace and beauty..its so poetic, soft, flowery!
love it!
hw have u been?
take care

Neasa said...

Lovely! You always find such beautiful things to post.

Thanks for checking in on me!

Hugs, Neasa

lotusgreen said...

sometimes i think you and i have the same religion.

Princess Haiku said...

Lotus, It must be something in our past experience that draw us to these things. What do you think?

Princess Haiku said...

Zazi, I think you can tell by my blog that I pursue beauty in its many guises and yes, you have a beautiful blog.

Princess Haiku said...

Your words are lemon balm to a poet's spirit. :)

Princess Haiku said...

I am coming to visit.