Saturday, February 17, 2007

Flowers Cloud Koto

Beauty is everywhere, said Princess Haiku as she fell asleep. Far away on a mountain top a flower bud opened and saw its first light.

(Hint: click on arrow to start video)


Stephen said...

Dear Princess, Is it the pen that holds the hand or the hand that holds the pen? There, is a moment of clarity in the space between the words that all becomes clear and bright as the stars at night. I miss you too, and the familiarity of the Moon. As time allows, I pray to be about. As ever be well, with love. Stephen

Ilka said...

Hello Elise:
I love the message on this entry, it's so beautiful.
Take care,
PS. Thanks for the visit. My studies are good. I'm have an exam, homework and a report due this week so I'm doing my best. ^_^ I hope you are doing good.
This is a little card I made for Valentines Day, I hope you like it.

I wish you a belated Happy Valentines Day!

a links blog said...

Your blog has been added, thanks for participating.

Moon River said...

My Dearest Princess,
these flowers are so beautiful, as well as the music!
would you believe me, if i tell you, i'm in a very "flower" mood my self, in the past week, i'm planting flowers at my veranda, all sort of them, all colors, and in the morning, i sit out side, with my coffee contemplating on my flowers, letting the silent poetry of the flower wrappe me, the colors, the shapes, the harmony south me soul.
thanks for this video!

Moon River said...

some painted flower for you by young artist Charlene Liu: you like it

Princess Haiku said...


Will check the flower link tonight; and I am pleased that you enjoyed this entry.

How exciting that you are making a Moon Garden. Will you be posting your flowers as they sprout and grow? I am going to find a small orange tree for you and hope there is room for it on your veranda.

A third gardenia flower bloomed on my plant today and several buds on the verge. Its scent wafts through the air.

A dear one of mine created a Goddess Garden some time ago. She planted only white flowers that bloom at night.

Princess Haiku said...

Searching for clarity today; perhaps a thought, look or comment someone gives me.

Princess Haiku said...

It's always a pleasure to have a visit from this budding teacher.

Princess Haiku said...

Hope you found the video clip of Cloud Gate Dance Theater I found for you. I posted it at the end of the Wild Cursive Review.

michikohome said...

Hi Elise,Just testing,

michiko home said...

Hi Elise,
Iam glad coming here,what a lovely suprising I have,you don't know how much I loved it (koto)
I found unuseual flowers in the vodeo...everything nice I was excited about that I made comments
I'll be back late,

michikohome said...

Hi Elise,
I would like to comments about Lily she is an oldies lady but still she has painted for you chrysanthemum flowers,
you had an especial ppainted by her that I believed as an artist it must be honour to you.
Thank you for sharing, I wrote in other place but some reason it says not except comments?
I hope your day has been a good ones,

Princess Haiku said...

Yes, it was a great honor.