Saturday, January 27, 2007

Beauty establishes its Own Communion

Today, was a cold gray day in Northern California. As I walked home in the drizzle I thought about a comment made by Jorge, a friend of mine.

"Beauty establishes its own communion."

As I mused along these words resonated in my mind. I realized that I haven't written any poetry in quite a while. His words called to the poetry hiding within.

There are mother-of-pearl gray days such as these; subtle moments when the deeper self rises up as wings to touch the rain. "Poet," I tell myself, "your poetry is never far away. Today is a blue gray opal hiding in cumulous clouds and white gardenias." Speaking of which, my gardenia plant offered me a flower and I am intoxicated with its gentle fragrance.


Moon River said...

do thinking about you...

i'm at the middle of work right now
i'll be back this evenung and give a good look and read all - promissss

Anonymous said...

Walking about in a drizzle,
Can cause one's hair to frizzle.
Some say you lose your zizzle
Walking around in a drizzle...
Unles you've a gardinia
To dazzle!

Jorge said...

I'm glad something I wrote helped stir your Muse, as I truly enjoy your writing. Be well,

Princess Haiku said...

Jorge, I look forward to being inspired by you again. Have been working on getting numerous writing projects rolling again.