Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Psyche and Cupid

Psyche dreamed of poetry.


Stephen said...
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A Utah Woman Am I said...


I am happy to have found your new home here on blogspot. it is a cozy little nook that you have. I will have to look further into it in the future.

Thanks for your insights concerning my stem cell research. As ever, I feel that we need to openly discuss such topics or else nothing will be solved.

Wishing you good luck in organizing your new home!

Marie said...

Hi Elise,
I like your new home. I am glad you informed us of your new address. I'll be a regular visitor!!
Hugs, Marie

Anonymous said...

Nice images you have here, and the poetry is always enjoyable. Be well,
Medico Musings

Moon River said...

my dearest
i'm waiting for your beautiful poetic words...

with love


Marie said...
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Anonymous said...

hi Princess Haiku

i think we all should learn how to say goodbye.but it is not so easy isnt it ?


linda said...

Hello good to know you are fine. I adore you
and want to see all the nice poetry
and things you are interested in.
You bring joy to my life.
I will be gone , but when I return
I will be visiting.
Missed you and sending lots of love. Linda

KC said...

Princess Haiku, I wish to share my dream of poetry with you.

One night I dreamed that all poetry was composed by the gods, who transcribed their verses on sheets of delicate paper that they folded artfully and pressed into the crevices of their ancient effigies. When the poets found these statues covered with such divine blooms, they plucked them one by one until the world was filled with their beauty.